Aegis Personal Defense, LLC

Aegis is a firearms training school. We offer handgun training, for CCW and personal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provide training through virtual course and one on one training. In this way we can teach at your speed and time. We are committed to teaching principles,to our students, who want to safely learn the concepts of firearms and personal defense. We would like to share our training to people so that they can de-escalate situations before the threat of violence is their only option. We believe that self-defense is a natural right, uncompromising, and unconditional. But we also believe that firearms are only not the only way of defending yourself. We would like to share our knowledge and experiences with people, so that they can go through life knowing they are getting training to “Get Home Safe”. What we are offering is a self-defense package that is tailored for you. You train in what you want to be trained in.